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Audio Racer

AudioSurf clone.

project, forked from Racer
Audio analysis, procedural track algorithm, game logic
FFTW, OpenGL, OpenAL
Spring 2012 - 3 weeks


HTML5 canvas and javascript dungeon scroller game.

github, demo
Graphic engine, AI, game logic
Javascript, HTML5, Canvas, MooTools
Winter 2011 - 3 weeks

Genetic Invasion

Tower defense with evolving ennemies.


An oldschool 32k intro.

First demo ever, went with almost nothing to Evoke 2008 in Köln, made every scenes execpt one during the first two days, one night included. Pure OpenGL C code, binary is around 32kB, no data included (except the earth texture).

pouet, live footage (youtube)
Summer 2008


Aircrack-ng GUI.

Final DUT project, a aircrack-ng graphical user interface.

Spring 2008